SIPROL® - Weather

High resolution technological module, designed to describe, in all its complexity, atmospheric circulation and related phenomena.

SIPROL® - Wave

Technological module designed to describe complex phenomena of wave propagation on the surface of oceans, lakes, tailings, etc.

SIPROL® - Current

Technological module designed to describe processes of energy transfer and mass transport in oceans, lakes, tailings, etc.

SIPROL® - Environment

Technological module intended to describe environmental dynamics that intervene in meteorology, oceanography and alike.

Impact Areas

Our technology allows us to know the state of climate, tides and winds. These three factors combine to facilitate or hinder tasks in different fields.


SIPROL® is a powerful tool in the strategic planning of a Nation, both in times of Peace and in case of Conflict. In the event of a natural disaster, this tool makes it possible to determine the best meteorological condition to bring aid to isolated places. In case of conflict, it allows the use of meteorology and meteo-oceanography to the advantage of the user.


SIPROL® provides the industries with meteorological and meteo-oceanographic information, which allows planning and a favorable use for the execution of their tasks, in protection of the environment, the nearby community and people. Moreover, the correct use of it, manages to reduce losses due to poor planning of use of resources, be them economic, material and / or referred to workforce.


SIPROL® allows ports to plan their maritime operations especially when the meteorological or meteo-oceanographic conditions are very close to the Operational Limits. These tools allow value recovery, by reducing the waiting times of the vessels or by not having to quote resources without being able to use them.

Shipping Companies

SIPROL® allows route planning of the ships, considering the meteorological or meteo-oceanographic conditions of the route and the destination port on the arrival date.


SIPROL SpA offers a wide range of services and surveys, including:

Forecast Services
  • Forecasts of waves, currents and dispersion of pollutants on the coast;
  • Weather forecasts in coastal and continental areas;
  • Forecasts of ventilation capacity, air quality and environmental management indicators in coastal and continental areas.
Historical Data
  • 30-year wave spectra in Deep and Intermediate Waters.
  • 40-year historical meteorological information.
  • High-level studies based on Data Science and Inverse Problems.
Maritime Climate and Meteorological Studies
  • Studies of winds, swell propagation, currents and tides.
  • Studies of agitation in docks, overshoot (surpass of threshold), tsunami impact, etc.
  • Climate characterization in coastal and continental areas.
Morphodynamics of Beaches and Estuaries
  • Analysis of plant evolution and beach profile;
  • Coastline evolution monitoring.
Mathematical Modeling and Computational Simulation
  • With more than 20 years of experience in the domains of applied mathematics and high-performance computational simulation, SIPROL SpA offers advanced modeling and simulation services in meteorology, oceanography, environment and alike.
SIPROL® Key Sustainability Factor in the Mining Business
  • Past, present and future of the effects on people and environment of suspended particulate matter from work sites, storage areas and tailings.

Our Solutions adapt to diverse industries.

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