SIPROL SpA is an international engineering and innovation company in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) that provides services, in Chile and abroad, of advice, consultancy and high-level studies in engineering and science, related to maritime climate in coastal areas and meteorology on the continental surface.

The information provided by SIPROL SpA is generated by an “in-house” development of SIPROL® technological tools, that fully and accurately resolve atmospheric circulation phenomena, which allows describing meteorology in all its complexity in continental and oceanic areas, and also swell generation and propagation, in addition to coastal currents formation.

Considering standards recognized by the international scientific community SIPROL® incorporates frontier science and cutting-edge technology. It additionally incorporates non-linear and stochastic aspects of the present physical phenomena, addressing various scenarios that Climate Change is generating on the planet.

This is a fundamental differentiating element, since SIPROL® works with the energy of dynamic systems in a conservative way at different scales of space and time.

SIPROL® technology is exclusively commercialized, both in Chile and abroad, by SIPROL SpA.


Provide elements of frontier science and cutting-edge technology that add value and sustainability to the work of society and industry.


Become a Latin American reference point of innovation that provides services of excellence and high-level studies in engineering and science.

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