Background of SIPROL® Technology

SIPROL® is a technological tool that is the result of an innovative scientific conceptualization of atmospheric dynamics in oceans and continents, conceived by the Chilean research and development center INGMAT. This was conceived and developed since 2004 by the Chilean research and development center INGMAT, being available on the market since November 2014. Given its scientific conception, the information generated is timely, objective and accurate. A long and demanding validation process revealed its reliable and quality character, particularly in the delivery of early alerts of extreme events.

SIPROL® technology intervenes in different meteorological and oceanographic phenomena that define the planet's climate, and in various environmental dynamics that interact with them. In this way, SIPROL® is subdivided into four technological modules:

  • SIPROL®-Weather: High resolution technological module, designed to describe, in all its complexity, atmospheric circulation and related phenomena.
  • SIPROL®-Wave: Technological module designed to describe complex phenomena of wave propagation on the surface of oceans, lakes, tailings, etc.
  • SIPROL®-Current: Technological module designed to describe processes of energy transfer and mass transport in oceans, lakes, tailings, etc.
  • SIPROL®-Environment: Technological module intended to describe environmental dynamics that intervene in meteorology, oceanography and alike.

The main fields of implementation where SIPROL SpA develops and offers its services and high-level studies are:

  • Forecasting: Allows the delivery of short, medium and long-term forecasting services for environmental, meteorological, oceanographic and related variables;
  • Hindcasting: Functionality that, based on the mathematical modelling of re-analysed data sets, allows the generation of historical databases of one or all the elements that make up climate and ecosystems.
  • Engineering: Functionality that allows high-level engineering studies to be carried out in the meteorological, maritime and / or environmental fields, among others;
  • Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + i): Generation of synergies in research, development and innovation that allows the company to capture value through the creative incorporation of frontier science and cutting-edge technology;
  • Backing or Technological Coaching: Survey of needs, skills and competencies, preparation and implementation of action plans and quality assurance, which allows the company to generate business opportunities, as well as modernize its future work.
SIPROL® technology is commercialized exclusively, both in Chile and abroad, by the company SIPROL SpA.


It allows to have a modern high-performance forecasting system that describes meteorological and oceanographic conditions, it allows to significantly improve resilient planning and comprehensive management, both in coastal areas, and in the mountain region.


Our databases are the result of the application of SIPROL® technology in the reconstruction of the past. Using re-analyzed atmospheric and meteorological information from international research centers, we have generated a representative and consistent database.

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